Top 5 Budgeting Tips For Your Affordable Wedding

1. Always choose in-season products and produce

If you need to bring things like florals and produce  into the country, it’s going to make the price tag much higher. Choosing native and in-season products and  florals will help keep your wedding affordable. If you can’t let go of those more expensive items, consider some alternatives, such as using it minimally and having it as a feature for that wow factor; or using another item that has the same look.


2. Time your running order to reduce the number of hours your suppliers are working for you

Bringing a wedding together involves a lot of people. Having multiple suppliers working their craft to make your day magical  can increase your wedding budget significantly. Look at your Running Order, and plan your day out to maximise the supplier’s time with you. Cutting back an hour or two of a supplier’s service time here and there, will add up to give you decent savings.


3. Buy your dress at a sample sale 

Shopping at a wedding dress sample sale means you could pay anywhere from 20%- 90% less for your gown. Follow your favorite local bridal salons on social media to find out about trunk shows, sample sales and also to catch promotions. 


4. Consider other days of the week 

If you’re getting married on a Friday, you can avoid the higher day-of-week rates charged by most venues. This is especially good for smaller parties — you can save up to $4,000 on site fees, and food and beverage minimums are lower than other days of the week.


5. Utilise the budget friendly hire options

Hire companies always offer a more budget friendly option of their rentals. Instead of going for the expensive silk table coverings, try the more affordable linen options. Folding chairs can be easily disguised with chair coverings, which are much cheaper than hiring more traditional chairs for your wedding ceremony. 

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