Top 5 Marquee Wedding Ideas

When it comes to marquee wedding ideas, there really are no rules! With a blank canvas to work from, you can design a wedding marquee that truly represents your own personal style. From romantic and elegant to full-on spectacular, there’s a marquee wedding idea to suit every taste. From table decorations to the venue’s lighting, our accessories allow you to customise every element of your wedding marquee to be exactly what you want.

Marquee Wedding Idea 1: Rustic

When it comes to a rustic or bohemian marquee wedding idea, natural materials and neutral colours work great together. Opt for a neutral-coloured scheme inspired by nature—earthen wood tones, rattan, and lush greenery all work together beautifully.  Incorporate organic, natural elements that will create a bright and airy feel, like crisp white canvases and clean lines. Include wood tables and chairs with walnut trim or natural rattan seating. A neutral rug under your table will be the perfect backdrop for any décor you decide to add later, and fresh greenery is always a welcome sight.

#2: Glamorous

There are many ways in which you can make your marquee wedding idea as glamorous as possible. One way to add glamour to the construction of your wedding marquee is to integrate soft draping. Instead of chandeliers, soft draping adds a special touch to an outdoor tent. The depth created by the design generates the perfect ambiance for any occasion. If you want to create a romantic setting inside your tent, try using strands of twinkle lights. It will also help you create a soft atmosphere.

3: Nautical

While a wedding on a boat sounds cool, it’s not that practical. If you wish to incorporate  a nautical theme into your wedding try a nautical themed marquee wedding idea.  You don’t have to choose an exclusively nautical theme to incorporate sea-ready accents into your big day. For example, place card holders shaped like anchors or a crest featuring images of boats will delight your guests. Nautical influences can be incorporated to the food and fashion selections at your wedding. A blue-and-white striped bow tie or an ocean-blue wedding gown would work.When you choose a colour scheme for your event, consider using navy blue, emerald green, or soft sky blue as the anchor (pun intended!) colour for your marquee wedding design.

4: Retro

Retro weddings can be super fun, super unique, and totally memorable — as long as you do it right!  When choosing a retro theme for a wedding marquee it’s important to choose an era and style of retro. There are several versions of a retro themed marquee wedding idea, from a Great Gatsby inspired roaring twenties vibe, to a boho seventies celebration. A marquee creates an elegant, timeless reception area. Surround the entrance with scattered votives filled with flickering candles and vines for a glowing ambiance. Decorate your wedding marquee with gorgeous floral tones, using soft pampas grass and dried flowers, to offer a delicate romantic touch.

5: White on white

You can’t go wrong with a white-on-white colour scheme for a marquee wedding. White is a soft, romantic colour that evokes feelings of freshness and cleanliness. The crispness of the white works perfectly when it’s placed in a setting where there’s not a lot of other colour. Complete the look by using fresh flowers and hints of gold for some contrast. The white chair covers and other wedding details complement each other because they allow the flowers, decor, and centrepieces to pop. The combination of white chairs, linens, and flowers creates a backdrop that gently complements the soft glow of candlelight.


Need More Marquee Wedding Styling Ideas?

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