5 Marquee Flooring Ideas For Your Next Event

Plastic Tiles 

This type of marquee flooring has holes, to allow the grass to breath, but are not designed to allow the grass to grow through.They’re quick and easy to install, and can be put away just as easily. You’ll find that a reasonably flat surface is essential for laying these tiles.

Coconut Matting 

 This durable material resembles a rustic carpet and is usually laid on a PVC sheet to prevent it getting wet. It is anti-slip and hardwearing.

Grass Reinforcement Matting

These rigid plastic tiles are designed with plenty of space to allow grass to grow through the plastic sub-structure. The tiles reinforce the lawn, protecting it from damage, and preventing the formation of muddy patches, particularly where cars and light machinery are being parked. The downside of this marquee flooring is that it doesn’t protect against wet weather. 

Integrated Timber Flooring

This marquee flooring is a cassette style of flooring meaning it is made up of timber sections laid on a metal sub frame enabling the flooring to be levelled up on uneven ground. They are available in a range of rich timber colours and finishes to match any event theme.

Carpet Floor 

Using carpet as a marquee flooring option softens the area and dampens sound reverb which can help with large open spaces. It also perfectly complements boho and rustic style events. 

Need More Marquee Flooring Ideas?

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